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Annoucning - Rekindled Romance. My first Love Inspired novel will be available in April 2013.

A heart attack sends Shelby Russell back to her hometown of Dover Mississippi to rest and regain her health, but finding her ex-fianc√© living next door with his two adorable children, complicates her recovery. One glance at Matt Durrant stirs up all her old feelings, but it’s clear he has never forgiven her for breaking their engagement. But Matt’s in a bind, he needs someone to babysit his children each day and Shelby is his only option. As Shelby becomes more and more entangled in his life, Matt begins to lose his heart again, but he’s lost his wife to cancer and Shelby is battling heart disease. He’s not about to risk the hearts of his children or his own on a woman with a life threatening illness. When Shelby is rushed to the hospital, Matt is forced to make a choice.  and trust the Lord for the . One he’ll need the Lord’s guidance to make.

Good news about Beautiful Dreamer. Watch for special promotion in your Kmart and Meijers stores this fall.
*More news!  Beautiful Dreamer will be available everywhere now. Walmart, bookstores etc. :)

You can pre-order Beautiful Dreamer on Cover coming soon!

Annoucing my first sale in the Christian Romance Genre.
Beautiful Dreamer

Heartsong Presents. Spring 2012

School teacher Lena Butler has only one goal - to become the Vice Principal of her school. The job will give her the security she’s always craved and lay to rest the financial uncertainty of her childhood. But when she agrees to act as tour guide to a visiting film producer, she immediately regrets her offer. Dixon Edwards possesses all the qualities she dislikes - he’s charming, undisciplined and unpredictable. But he makes her laugh, something she’d forgotten how to do.
Film Producer Dixon Edwards is a man with a mission – to bring Christian films to the masses. He’s come to St Augustine to scout location for an upcoming movie and his up-tight guide captivates his attention from the moment he meets her. Dix realizes that Lena’s need for security and control is blocking the joy and blessings God has for her and he begins to nudge her to relax and see life as possibilities to explore and enjoy instead of obstacles to be overcome.
            Their feelings for one another grow quickly but when Lena is offered her dream job, she must decide which is stronger, her need for security or her love for Dix. She can only have one. Not until the Lord lifts the veil from Lena’s heart will she be able to see where her true security rests  and her love really belong.