Thursday, October 8, 2015

Meet the Montgomery's of Dover

 As a founding family of Do Over, Mississippi the Montgomery’s roots run deep into the small town. Family means everything, heritage is cherished and faith holds it all together. But life rarely works out the way we plan and when their beloved father passes away suddenly, the five Montgomery children face difficult challenges as they try to move forward. How can you ever fill a hole left by a parent? You can’t but you can discover new pathways and new relationships that ease the hurt and fill you heart with unexpected joy and love.
Linc Montgomery  Her Christmas Hero – Book #1 November 2015
The firstborn son. He carries the mantel proudly, and with honor. His dream is to be just like his father and help run the family business. Montgomery Electrical Contractors was started by his grandfather and Linc has every intension of making sure it stays strong and secure into the future. A doer, Linc is happiest when he’s on the job site working. But when Dale Montgomery dies suddenly, Linc finds he’s not as prepared to run the company as he believed. Without his father’s advice and guidance he makes several missteps that nearly destroy the company. It takes the example of a woman of strength, her young son, and a painful sacrifice before Linc can take command of his life and the family business.
Gil Montgomery-  The Nanny’s Secret Child  Book #2 April 2015
The second son, only a year younger than Linc, Gil is the quieter of the two. His emotions run deep. The loss of his father rocks his world but it’s the death of his former wife that upends his world and starts a custody battle for his little girl that drags on for months and leaves his brother to struggle with the company alone. Gil finally brings his child home to Dover but she is sullen and withdrawn and wants nothing to do with him. He hires a nanny who bonds instantly with the little girl. He’s drawn to the nanny’s caring heart but when the truth about her is revealed, Gil suffers another loss that he might not recover from.
 Beth Montgomery Untitled – Book #3 winter 2016
The first born daughter, Bethany is cut from a different cloth than her brothers. Quiet and shy she finds her true self in dancing, becoming a principal ballerina with a world renown company. But an injury ends her career and she comes home to try and put her life back together. She has to face the loss of her biggest fan, her father, and the resentment of her closest friend. He’s convinced she’ll cut and run like she did before. It’ll take working together on the Christmas Dreams show, the heart of his little girl and a few hard lessons about the difference between dedication and obsession to bring them all together.

 Seth Montgomery  Untitled  Book #4
The youngest brother, Seth has a rebellious streak. His outgoing personality, athletic ability makes his a popular guy but working in the family business isn’t his first choice. When their father dies, Seth realizes how short life is and announces he’s leaving Montgomery Electrical for the police academy in Houston. Seth quickly finds life in the big city doesn’t suit him and comes home to serve as an officer in Dover. When an expected package is dropped on his door step, one of his old escapades catches up with him. It’s only with the help of the lovely woman next door that he’s able to put all the pieces of his life together again. Only the woman has a past and it might it might be in direct opposition to his future.

Torri Montgomery – Untitled – Book # 5
The baby girl of the Montgomery clan. Perky, fun, pretty and popular, Torri conquers everything she set out to do. But she can never decide on one thing. Losing her father cracks her foundation and she runs away from Dover to stay with a friend in California, unable to deal with the grief.  When her friend passes away Torri becomes guardian of her young daughter and finally finds her true direction. She returns to Dover only to find the challenges of single parenthood harder than she expected. Complicating the adjustment is the contractor she hires to help her remodel her house. But he’s more than hired help, he’s the little girl’s uncle and when the truth is revealed, Torri has to make some difficult choices for the child and for her future.

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