Thursday, March 21, 2013


Writing is a waiting game. Sometimes you wait and wait and work and work and nothing happens. Then one day, without warning the sky opens up and blessing fall from heaven bringing you to your knees in grateful praise of God’s goodness.
            Eight years ago I decided to start writing again after a five year hiatus. I was determined to see it thru to the end – publication or bust. There were many times when ‘bust’ looked like a great idea. But thanks to friends and family who kept me encouraged I soldiered on and at this moment in my life I’m shoulder deep in blessings I can hardly comprehend.
            Last November Beautiful Dreamer, my first book in 15 years was released from Heartsong Presents. Then news arrived that Love Inspired had bought the first of my Dover, Mississippi series. Two weeks after I turned in the edits on Rekindled Romance, my editor bought the second book in the series, Restoring His Heart. Somewhere in between that time I sold a novella to Barbour.
            Then after submitting a proposal for two more Dover books, I get the call from my agent that they not only bought those two but offered me a three book contract. I was so stunned my agent had to tell me twice.
            Now if you’d read this far and you’re still waiting for the call I know this sounds like boasting. But what I want you to see is that you never know when the tide will turn. I can list a hundred times when I was ready to quit. I even threatened to walk out of a conference when it seemed like the doors to publishing were slamming in my face.
            God’s timing is perfect but it’s really, really hard to sit in his waiting room when time is dragging on and others seem to be leap-frogging over you.
            I urge you to hang on a little longer. Persevere. My story turned around in an instant. I was happy with one book sold. Now, in the span of a year and a half I’ve sold seven books. Only God can do that.
            So don't lose heart. Work hard, hang in there and give all your efforts to Him, and then let it go, step back and wait and see what he had in store.

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