Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Interview

It's a new year with new goals, new hope and new opportunities. I'm excited about my new book, Beautiful Dreamer, coming out this year from Barbour Heartsong. hop over to the Gazebo page and read the blurb. I'll post the pub date as soon as I know it. Right now I'm waiting for edits. Gulp. I've been through edits before and they can be either easy breezy or painfully tough. We all like to think our books are nearly perfect but the truth is, editors see things we don't and they always make your story better.

Now it's time to start promoting my book. something I'm not really great at but I did take the plunge and gave an interview to Lynda Schab at the Examiner. The link is below.  Thanks to Lynda for the opportunity and be sure and check the entire sight.


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  1. LOVE the title!!!
    Yay, Lorraine! I can't wait to see the book. Please let me know when it's out. I'm headed to FB to check on the latest right now!

    Mallory Kane